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hi, we're jonathan and gail averett!

The Network Marketing couple that lives next door.


Who are we and what do we know about network marketing?

I'm a family guy for 17 years now. So is Gail, except she's a family woman........Like most American families we learned about Network Marketing through a friend when we needed a little extra cash at the end of the month and now it's turned into a full time passion that has put us on plan B for our future.

We both graduated from the University of Alabama in December of 2005 with a bachelor's degree. Me in Finance and Gail in Marketing. We started out in our first jobs ready to take over the corporate world or so we thought.......Then came our first child, Ella after about 3 years out of college. That's when we decided to give Network Marketing a try. Our goal was to earn a little extra cash, then earn enough to replace enough of our income for my wife to stay home. We tried and so many other people before us.

round two with network marketing

So after a failed attempt in our first Network Marketing company Gail found Rodan+Fields

I started this website to share our experiences, teach what I learn and finally join her Rodan+Fields business because I believe this company is going to give us the opportunity to work together while providing a financial opportunity that we haven't found anywhere else during our 17 years of marriage.........we've always wanted to start a business since finishing school back in 2005, ROLL TIDE...........The ides have come and gone, gone because of the startup funds needed or the time commitment to develop and build a product etc. We've looked together at different start-ups over the years like starting small franchises and buying out existing businesses...........I've even tried to start a residential painting company and an online pallet furniture business. I've shipped custom build tables to California and Colorado on top of local deliveries here in Birmingham so I'm comfortable with creating, building, marketing to the right niche and solving a problem for customers. I even had a shop in Florida that wanted to start carrying some of my pieces but, I didn't have the resources to run a wholesale business, so I declined the offer........... In comes Network Marketing and Rodan+Fields.........the business is already established. Products created, shipping handled, startup costs minimal at BEST compared to traditional business, the brand is established.......oh, and the wholesale business I lost out on in Florida. Our Team is across Alabama and into Georgia. Yes, that means we sell products in Georgia also. We don't have to increase our production and negotiate shipping in the cost when a new team member joins us. Rodan+Fields has that covered. The ONLY task I have now is identifying customers or new teammates.

I know that sounds easy but, it's still hard work. Just in a different way, a better way for us.

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