Telling a personal story…..

When I meet someone for the first time I always panic and get stressed because I don’t know what to say…….

My mind is racing trying to figure out how I’m going to introduce myself…...I mean how hard can it be to say.

Hi! My name is Jonathan Averett and ……...Yadda, yadda, yadda…….

Well, for ME it’s like driving down a STEEP mountainside at 100 mph!

Here’s a STORY about one time when my wife and I were meeting one of her friends and her husband at church one Wed night.

We arrived early because that’s what the host usually does when you're meeting someone at church and it;s their first time there.

So we’re in the lobby and…...again…...I’m racing down that mountainside at 100mph trying to figure out how to introduce myself to this guy for the fist time.

So, after about 15 minutes of waiting they arrive and I’m slowing down to a comfortable speed at this point for the BIG introduction…….

The introduction goes like this……..

Hi! I’m Mike nice to meet you…..

Guess what, my name is Jonathan NOT Mike!


So, we got past that and I was hoping that no on else noticed I introduced myself with his name and not mine.

See how that works… probably relate to this on some level right?

The fact is that your relationships with people are going to benefit when you share a story because we all have something in common.

Go tell ONE STORY today and pay attention to the reaction you get.