MLM, changing lives and health at the same time

Hello sweet friends!

I am so excited that Jonathan and Gail invited me to share with you today, about my journey with multi-level marketing {MLM}, and carrying that into my blog! My name is Ashley Powell, and I am the creator of falling into joy. I am married to a Chiropractic student, and together we are a family of four with our two dogs, Haskel and Moorley. I love ice cream, Jesus, yoga, and my nephew, more than most things in life. I am also a consultant for doTERRA essential oils.

I began my oil journey almost four years ago when I was desperate for a way to manage my chronic migraines naturally instead of with prescription medication.

Doterra essential oils

I struggled with migraines since high school, after an illness caused trauma, triggering the pain. Personally I have seen what an addiction to medication can do to a person and those they love. I have also seen the exact opposite in those who refuse to take any form of medication and the suffering they choose to endure instead. This can be such a vicious cycle, that I was determined I would not let myself fall into.

So I went to a sweet friend who I had heard sharing about her love of oils. Amanda Kintz is a nurse, lovable science nerd, and self proclaimed hippie, so I knew hers was an opinion I could trust. Amanda shared with me all the facts about oils, why they work, how they work, and then we talked specifically about my migraines. I was hooked, I ordered my kit and waited {not so} patiently for it in the mail. Since then I have greatly expanded my collection. DoTERRAs products have helped me manage my migraines with minimal medication, and even then its over the counter and not prescription. I use oils daily for cooking, and cleaning, and my sweet hubby has learned to love them while he is studying!

These oils help me manage anxiety, sleep, ease sore muscles and keep my immune system in check.

Doterra essential oils

As my love for essential oils grew, so did my knowledge of how, and why they work, and it was not something I could keep to myself! Taking care of my body is something that is incredibly important to me, and doTERRA gave me a way to do so, naturally and effectively.

When I bought my first kit, I was automatically signed up to be a wellness advocate, so from there, it made sharing incredibly easy. I told anyone who would listen, and began hosting parties. It was really fun! The money that just using oils in our everyday life, has saved us has been substantial. But also, being a wellness advocate, and creating my own team by just sharing my love of oils and how they’ve changed my life, has been a great source of income.

Since that time, my party hosting days, have slowed down. I got engaged, and planned a wedding, and got married, and other things started taking greater priority. The amazing thing about working with doTERRA, is that just because I stopped hosting parties, didn't mean that I stopped receiving benefits. I was still a wellness advocate, and I could still share, on my own time. There was no inventory I had to sell, no quotas to meet.

The best part about working in MLM, is that it is at my pace, my way. Life happens, so having such a flexible source of income, has been a huge blessing.  

I am still a wellness advocate today, and have gotten back into the swing of things. Only now it looks just a little differently. This past fall I started a blog, with two main purposes.

One; to share about my life and my joys, and two; to share about essential oils.

On my blog, I have stories, D.I.Y.s, recipes, a little bit of everything. Through this I am able to share, all the ways that I use essential oils in my everyday life.

If you subscribe, you will also receive a newsletter, that gives details including the product of the month, and how you can earn free oils! If you would like to learn more about how essential oils can help improve your daily lifestyle, please visit my blog falling into joy. You can also follow me on Facebook falling into joy and Instagram @fallinginto_joy.

Thank you so much!