How to start using Facebook Ads right now.

When you're a kid and you want candy on Halloween you don't have to think about anything.


All you have to do is wake up wait all day then follow what Mom and Dad says.

And then this happens!

Facebook ads

Here's a step by step of what that looks like.

  1. Wake up
  2. Get dressed
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. Go to school
  5. Stay out of trouble
  6. come home
  7. play outside
  8. come inside
  9. get into your costume
  10. follow your parents and do what they say



You get tons of candy.

Which is exactly the opposite of what you're experiencing in Network Marketing 



Well I know that's how I feel some days.

Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.
Jeffrey Gitomer
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So I'm going to give you a step-by-step tutorial that will help you find your customer using the Facebook ads manager.

I didn't say easy....Facebook ad creation is like trying speaking Greek for the first time......

So far, in my Network Marketing journey nothing has been easy.

Unlike the kids Halloween candy hunt where each house that had their front porch light on was ready to give out candy.

In Network Marketing their are no lights to go by.

You have to share your product or opportunity and then see if you get candy. metaphorically speaking!


Remember this movie phrase?


If you build it, they will come.


Well you don't want to chance it.........right?


So let's break down how you're going to create a Facebook Add that's going to help people find your Facebook page.

Head over to or click the drop down arrow in the upper-right corner of your Facebook Page and choose “Manage Ads” from the drop-down.

Facebook ads manager

Now, your dashboard.....

From the dashboard, go to the upper right corner and click on Create Ad.

create Facebook ad

Now you'e going to select Promote your Page and then Campaign Name at the bottom of the page.

Facebook ads manager

Just click Cancel because we're only creating a single ad here.

Facebook ads manager

Now you're ready to set up your ad. YES! you're waaaayyyy ahead of your competition by now.

Cool part about this is the meter in the top right. 

Facebook shows you how targeted your audience selection is going to be.

So, you'r not just blindly selecting parameters that you think will work.

Definitely helps the novice ad creator like myself.

Just select your Page then click on the Create a Lookalike Audience in the shaded box under the Audience section.

Facebook ads manager

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This is where you choose what page you want your audience to look like.

Just click in the Source line and your page will pop up in a drop down list.

Select your page and click Create Audience.

Facebook ads manager

Now you have several other audience options:

  • Locations
  • Age
  • Gender
  • language
  • Additional Interests and connections.

For more on these settings Buffer has the best tutorial I've found so far click here

You'll also get to choose the ad Placements.

Just go with Automatic Placements (Recommended) for now.

Facebook ads manager

Choose your budget and the start and end date. 

It also will show your weekly spent amount also.

Facebook ads manager

Time to choose the format.

Your choices are single image, Single Video or Slideshow.

Single image Facebook ad

So far I've only experimented with the single image.

Once you've made that decision it's time to select your image.

Facebook has set up a few guidelines.....

  • Recommended image size: 1,200 x 444 pixels

  • Image ratio: 8:3

  • Text: 90 characters

  • Headline: 25 characters

  • Link description: 30 characters

  • Your image should include minimal text. See how the amount of text in your ad image will impact the reach of your ad .

Use the Text Overlay Tool here. It'll tell you if your image meets the specifications before you submit the ad for approval.

Facebook ads manager

You get to add your ad text now and look at what your ad is going to look like on the desktop and moblie news feed.

Once you're ok with how your add looks now you're ready to place your order.

Facebook ads manager

Congratulations you're way ahead of your competition!

Create a Facebook ad

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