My top 5 Network Marketing Tips for Beginners

Network Marketing tips


When I first started showing interest in network marketing I was desperate for Network marketing success secrets.

Our up line told me something that bothered me…

She said that to be successful I would need to build relationships like when you share your story with someone.

It was this....You grow your business through relationships and sharing, NOT processes.

AND I didn't believe that.

Not to say that we don't use or need processes to grow our business but, the relationship must be the focus NOT the process.

She obviously knew what it took to create success in this business.

She is a Million dollar earner with the company, but I thought I had a better way.

I was WRONG.

Instead, I kept focusing on a sales pitch and every time we talked she told me that this is a relationship business…

You have to like the people you want to sell your service or product to. You need to truly enjoy their company--this isn't something you can fake.

Source: Boundless. “Relationship Selling.” Boundless Marketing Boundless, 26 May. 2016. Retrieved 04 Jan. 2017 from

This didn’t make sense to me because she was basically saying that network marketing is a game of meeting people and building a relationship and all this nuts and bolts training I was reading about with online business wasn't necessarily the golden key that was going to work.

Think about it…

As a top .01% earner in the company, she didn’t get “lucky” in her business. 

Sure, luck does play a role, but it sure does play a smaller role when you get to the top .01% of the company like she is.

She worked really hard and built tons of relationships and worked her business along the way.

That wasn’t easy.

As a husband watching my wife do this I knew I was in for a long road because I'm not a relationship guy. I'm a numbers guy who is a Financial Officer during the day and a part-time network marketer after hours.

I wanted a process. an actionable process, NOT a relationship business. I think most husbands do......

I’m sure you’ll agree that most successful people are successful because they build relationships.

I gave in and now I'm learning to adapt my actionable mindset to that of relationship building and this is how I'm doing it........



Luck has very little to do with it.

If you ever read any Network Markketing success stories you'll see one thing in common.

HARD work!

If you aren't training yourself constantly, you're going to quit. The person who is stretching their comfort zone to learn new skills every day is going to win.

  • When I first heard of Rodan+Fields I had the typical reaction........
  • NOT a real job.
  • Do people really do this and make money....
  • How much do they make....
  • Husbands can't do this
  • I know I would never join the company.

The truth is that Network Marketing is a real job and to be successful you'll need to LEARN new skills.

Adopt a craftsman mindset, practice hard and get out of your comfort zone "So Good They Can't Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love"

It’s strategic, skill-based and can be done in a predictable way—i.e. it’s about doing the right things in the right sequence, to achieve a specific result.

Now, what I want to share with you in this article are…



…and can help you guarantee yours!

Essentially, these 5 things, when done in the right order, can literally create “push-button” money — which offers you the ability to recruit with a few strokes of the keyboard on your computer.

Now, I know that sounds a bit “hypey,” but let me prove what I’m saying to you…

Just like any profession, in network marketing you need to learn specific skills. And you need to treat what you are learning with the exact same seriousness that a doctor or engineer treats the skills of their trade.


Here’s what you need first…

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Action 1: Defining YOUR AVATAR


You need to learn how to create your AVATAR.......No, not the movie......your perfect customer.

The First step: defining your avatar according to the Podcasting King




Starting a business is great, but if you don't know who will buy your product or service you will quickly go out of business

So who is your avatar and what do they look like in Network Marketing?

Here's what a BAD avatar looks like:

"My avatar likes skin care products and wants to buy some products.

A better avatar looks like this:

My avatar is a 26 - 38-year-old woman who stays home with the kids and needs extra money to pay the bills. She's a college graduate, has a husband and two kids and likes my products.

The best avatar looks like this according to 

My avatar is a 28-year-old lady named Sue. She's married with two kids and a full-time job that she wants to leave one day to pursue a better life than what her current job is providing, while not sacrificing time with her family. 

She loves her skin and wants to join a network marketing business to get all the perks. She's already involved with her local community through church and other activities with her two kids.




Now Find your avatar.


Once you've created your avatar you'll need to find them.....

Look for them here:

  •  In online communities (Facebook, Instagram, twitter and forums)
  • In person at local meetups. (church, ballgames, play dates)
  • Asking for referrals (Create a referral program and give out gift cards to the referrer if the person they refer joins your company or buys your product)



Once you find them use the "if I, will you" method. 

This simple phrase has changed the way I share the business. Before I found Eric Worre and read his book GO PRO I was a lost husband trying to figure out this Network marketing opportunity.

It's so simple......

Take a look at these two scenarios.


Scenario 1: Jon

Jon's been working up the courage to talk to Mandy for a week now on facebook about his new network marketing business. Here's how the conversation goes when Jon finally reaches out to Mandy and presents the business.

"Hi Mandy, I've been wanting to talk to you about my new business. It's the best thing ever.....we get free trips, big discounts and it is super easy. All I have to do is message people and talk to ladies in the checkout line at the grocery story. How does that sound to you? Are you interested in hearing more?"

Scenario 2: Shelly

Shelly, moves fast and it doesn't take her a week to approach Mandy with her new business opportunity, Here's how Shelly approaches Mandy.

"Hi Mandy. Have you heard of "XYZ" it's an "ABC"? If I sent you an email with more information would you be willing to review it and tell me what you liked best?


See the difference?


Network Marketing tips


Jon was trying to sell Mandy on all of the things he thought were important. Sure, your product or service has important items, but your customer is going to make that decision about what best fits their needs and wants, not you.

Shelly used the KISS method and Mandy was able to make a decision on her own immediately.

Also, take a look at what Jon did. He asked Mandy "what she thought". BAD Mandy's able to reply with all the things she sees a negative about the information Jon just gave her.

Shelly  asks "what did you like best"?

Mandy will review the information and specifically look for the information that she's looking for to solve her own problem.  

Now, recall what my up-line leader I mentioned before told me, “it’s not selling, it’s sharing.”

As a husband, I've learned to listen now and I use this step because it works for me and it will for you also if you learn the skill.

In summary: The strategy must be repeatable and quantifiable, so anyone may perform them, see results and improve over time.

Do. Get Result. Correct. Repeat…



If you want to learn how to succeed in Network Marketing today then you MUST take action.

Now I could write another step that talks about an idea telling you how valuable experience is, but I'm not.

START an email list according to the best internet Marketing guy I know Bryan Harris over at and ask people to join your newsletter now. Get 100!

I know, you don't have a newsletter. Don't worry!

I'm going to show you what to do next.

Pick up your phone, open the text app.

If this is really your phone, then we need to talk about tax deductions and why you need to upgrade this year.


Email Marketing tips


Click on the first person and type this......

Hey, Jenny, I'm starting a newsletter this month about "XYZ". Can I add you to the list?

That's it. Jenny says yes or no.

SEE what just happened?

You offered and Jenny gave you an answer.

"If I, will you"

NOW, send this exact message to everyone on your contact list, your Facebook friends list, your Instagram friends, twitter and so get the point.

Don't stop until you get 100.

Now, what are you going to do with these 100 contacts?

You're going to send this eight email sequence.

  1. Introduction to your business opportunity
  2. Product information. Teach and share with your list.
  3. GIVE great information and don't ask, just give.
  4. Teach them.
  5. Share a solution that your products or service will create for your list.
  6. Teach and share your solution. Give a link to your product for sale
  7. TEACH, don't sell.
  8. This is your hard sale. The only focus this email has is to ask for the sale.

When you treat the strategy you’re learning as seriously as you would the skills you’d learn in any other profession, you gain experience.

And with that experience comes an understanding of nuance, meaning you start learning things that you just can’t learn in a course or in an audio book or training.

Here’s the truth of the matter: Network Marketing is hard and more people quit than ever make it work.


I don’t mean to be harsh, but when you say Network Marketing I used to think “get-rich-quick scheme". AND this is NOT a get rich scheme.

It's a business and the only people who are making money are the ones who stay in the game long after they feel like quitting.

Unless you treat network marketing as a profession, you won’t succeed.

So if you’re serious about this whole network marketing thing, 

you need to develop strategies that fit your individual goals and personality.

Sure, fundamentally, everyone building offline or online has the same basic foundation.

Yet, we all have different approaches, styles, and tactics, because over time, we all come to occupy a slightly different space in this business.

As you implement a strategy, you learn to customize it for your strengths & weaknesses and it becomes your own.

In summary: you gain experience through repetition and you get depth of understanding, and eventually you start modifying tactics and processes so that your strategies fit you, your team, your company, your product, etc.

Action 4: start Teaching


Network Marketing tips


Teach what you know through video, Facebook Live, blogging, e-mails, and so on.


There is always someone that knows less than you and they're searching for the knowledge you have right now.

That's why you're reading this, right?

I'm just a guy who wants to share what I've learned since begining my Network Marketing journey with my wife a short time ago.

So, if you get nothing from this make sure you go out and share your knowledge.

By creating a community and communicating with people every single day you’ll “pay it forward”.

This will do 2 things for you…

  1. People will notice that you’re giving value and other people are benefiting, and your following will grow
  2. As you build your fan base, you will create your own personal brand and become a leader, whom transcends any one company or product. This is key to the final step: “push button” income.

In summary: Once you “pay it forward” and develop a following by putting out great value that helps others, you will have a following of people that want to learn more and more from you.

That’s how you create a loyal community.

Action 5: BECOME An expert


Network Marketing tips


This is where you get the ability to sell and recruit without having to leave home.

What do I mean by recruiting without leaving home? That means you're not out knocking on doors and handing out cards to get business.

You're able to build a community by sharing your knowledge and growing your business together.

So when you push a button to “send” an email, “start” a webinar, “publish” a blog post or whatever medium you choose, people will trust you enough to share your information and join you because they trust you and want to help you.

Because you paid it forward and have skills you developed that others would like to learn.

Don't miss the part about building a community. People will follow you if you're sharing your knowledge.

That’s why step #4, building a community, is so important. It allows you to do step #5 which is our ultimate goal.

After all, I want to be successful in Network Marketing so I don't have to leave my family everyday to go work in to an office for someone else for 10 hours a day, travel time included!

Now what I just shared with you was a 5-step strategy for LEARNING and developing skills that will help you be successful in your Network marketing business.

This strategy should be something you can apply, regardless of whether you choose to build online or offline.

Regardless of how you choose to build, to guarantee your success:

  • Step #1 is to find a strategy that is proven to work.
  • Step #2 is to make sure that strategy is skill based & duplicatable, so you can DO. RESULT. CORRECT. REPEAT.
  • Step #3 is gain experience through repetition so you have an understanding of depth and nuance.
  • Step #4 is to start teaching so you build a community around yourself.
  • Step #5 is become an expert, recruit, and create “push button results”…

… and live happily ever after. ‘Til next time and don't forget to pick up my toolbox list!

Here's a list of the tools I use everyday

Download my toolbox list now.

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